MVP Development

From creating beautiful prototyped designs, to development of Hybrid or Web apps and software maintenance, we’ve got you

What’s an MVP?

An MVP aka Minimum Viable Product is the bare minimum of your product. It has the core functionalities that your product needs and can be tested on your early adopters. It is designed in a way that the user feedback can be integrated for scaling its development, making it a market fit.

How long does it take to build an MVP?

One of the biggest reasons businesses go for MVP development instead of launching the full-fledged product at first is the time it saves. Depending on the product idea and complexity of the core features, AveraMaximizer can build and launch a minimum version of your product anytime between 3 months to 6 months

Our Process

Scope Definition

We unclutter and strip your product idea to the bare minimum features. This helps you identify the core values of your product. After analyzing your product idea, we build a fail-proof roadmap. We break down all the features for different steps and define the technology stack required

Product Design

Our designers build a functional prototype to show the predefined features. A beautiful and interactive prototype good enough to get investors interested in your idea

Product Development

Our developers write the code to deliver a minimum viable product that has progressed over different sprints. In order to detect and fix bugs faster, we allow internal testers and focus groups use the builds at interval and give us feedback.

After repeated tests and finetuning, we are now ready to release your MVP

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